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All you have to do is wander into a newsagents and the glossies will scream at you ‘CHERYLS WEIGHT PLUNGES AS ASHLEY PLAYS AWAY!!!’, or ‘OMG BRITNEY PUTS ON 2ST!!!” or something. Well, I made those titles up, but close enough. To be frank I’m sick of seeing Cheryl Coles face. I went to the […]



Use-value is the physical value of a commodity in use, that can only be realised through consumption. Marx says that the “utility of a thing makes it a use-value”. I did not attend the screening of Dogtown and Z-boys, but I can see the link between use-value and skateboarding culture. Skating culture became something that […]

I watched The Hurt Locker after hearing much critical acclaim in the media. At the time it was the run up to the Oscars and it was featured prominantly in the line-up of nominations. I was also quite interested in the fact the the film was about an ongoing war – the Iraq war, which […]

Time is created by us. It is a self imposed constraint, a method employed by humans so we can measure our lives and organise ourselves. As I write this post, the clock reads 02.42 – quite late. In a few hours or so daylight will come and announce the impending day, and people will be […]

Watching Love is the Devil, I was not initially convinced that the Francis Bacon inspired mise-en-scene worked. The darkness and distortion of form was bewildering and it took some adjustment before I appreciated what the director of the film was trying to achieve. By the time I had finished watching, I had grown to like […]

Last week I watched Coffee and Cigarettes – a decidedly indie and unusual little film realeased in 2003 by Jim Jarmusch. An unconventional narrative method defines the movie –  an hour and 35 minutes of stiff, distinctly plotless and dragged out conversations in stark black and white, with the intention of  highlighting the general awkwardness of social conversations, and which are littered with unrefined and […]