Celebrity and Documentary


All you have to do is wander into a newsagents and the glossies will scream at you ‘CHERYLS WEIGHT PLUNGES AS ASHLEY PLAYS AWAY!!!’, or ‘OMG BRITNEY PUTS ON 2ST!!!” or something. Well, I made those titles up, but close enough. To be frank I’m sick of seeing Cheryl Coles face. I went to the shop earlier and I remember thinking that the ‘reporting’ of Cheryl Coles personal life resembles a lame soap opera plot. I do read the occasional celebrity magazine but I think I just like to read smutty trash for my own amusement. In reality, the real lives of these people are torn over by people all over the world like vultures. information (true or false) about their personal lives is a commodity to be sold. They have no privacy, but instead suffer constant speculation, scrutiny and criticism. Such is the nature of celebrity culture in this era. When there is so much money to be made off these people why respect their privacy? Why show any respect at all when you can destroy someones family life or reputation just by publishing a story so that you might sell a few more copies? These celebrities are expected to conform to an aesthetic ideal that only exists within the world of fashion, beauty and advertising, most of which reaches its audience through these magazines.

The documentary on Karen Carpenter shows this – the speculation, the criticism, the expectations to conform to an aesthetic ideal. Pressure. Be thin. Consumers of celebrity culture enforce this. On a similar note, I’m sure you’ve all seen the Martin Bashir/Michael Jackson documentary ‘Living with Michael Jackson’ wich can be viewed at http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/living-with-michael-jackson and the Lil Wayne Documentary ‘The Carter’ http://www.onlinemovie4u.net/2009/11/lil-wayne-carter-documentary-2009.html.


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