Aesthetic Preferences.


Watching Love is the Devil, I was not initially convinced that the Francis Bacon inspired mise-en-scene worked. The darkness and distortion of form was bewildering and it took some adjustment before I appreciated what the director of the film was trying to achieve. By the time I had finished watching, I had grown to like the strange angles, use of colour and symbolism employed throughout the film, and its association with the character of Francis Bacon as depicted throughout – a mean, cruel, sadistic and self centred man, his sagging skin and self serving nature repulsive and his prolonged torture of his lover distasteful and strange. I began to see the aesthetic qualities of the film as fitting, the very look and pace of the film was intended to be Francis himself – his work and his personality. Like a surreal carricature.

Love is the Devil

I think it is very hard to describe fully your own aesthetic preferences. I think the best that you can come up with is a very narrow selection of examples of things that you find aesthetically pleasing, as the term applies to every aspect of cognitive thought and reception of the world around us. I don’t think I can adequately talk about my aesthetic preferences by providing a small selection of pictures on this blog, but here is a picture that I find pretty anyway.

Sumi-e cherry blossoms
In general my aesthetic preferences lean more towards the feminine and pretty. I dislike the colour red, though I cannot fully explain why. Something about it affronts me, most likely its hostility. I feel like the colour red clashes and does not belong, but I’m fascinated by it. Lately I’ve been drawn to the colours blue, purple, pink, white and gold. I like contrast and balanced composition, simple lines and curved shapes. It is these qualities that I will pick out of the everyday and the mundane, and notice in my surroundings.


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